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  • Roll-up Banners – Variety of sizes & display mechanisms available
  • Spider Banners – Variety of sizes & display mechanisms available
  • Arc Flags – Variety of sizes & display mechanisms available
  • Window Graphics
  • Flag Fountain
  • Full colour
  • Custom sizes and designs available
  • Personalized designs on request

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Signage is essential to any business to stand out from it’s competitors.

Printed Window Signage

Window signage is very effective in promoting your shop or retail window, as well to display your corporate logo. An office with more than one glass partitioning can be covered with window signage by applying stripes or blocks to give it more privacy; we can even cover the whole window as well for the whole window signage effect.

Window vinyl signage can easily be placed on the inside or outside of the window. We recommend the inside due to the susceptibility to.

The Frosted window vinyl technique is great for keeping out prying eyes but do not want to block out total light, yet need to cover the window. Applications range from interview rooms, medical waiting rooms, office reception signs and areas of your store that face the public.

The material is UV protected. The outdoor grade ink won’t fade if it’s facing outside and the sun penetrates the glass. Vinyl lettering can also be applied to the inside or outside of a window sign.

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Domed Magnetic Name Badges & Key rings

Diary Name Tags



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Circle Flag kits

The eye-catching and lightweight Circle Flag Kits enables the advertiser to utilise the full surface area and get 50% – 100% more usable advertising space, as compared to a teardrop-type flag, at a marginal increase in cost.Versatile and lightweight, the Circle Flag Kits are ideal for outdoor events such as golf days, shopping-mall promotions, exhibitions and roadside displays. The flag is rigidised, making it visible at all times, and it handles high winds with hardly a ripple.

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Flag Fountain

This is a compact cluster of four or five flagpoles rising from a common base. The aluminium flagpoles can be extended to 5,8m high (almost two storeys), and the central base is a heavy-duty powder-coated steel. In many ways, this unit resembles a giant vase of long-stemmed roses, where four of the five flagpoles rise at an 80° angle to the ground. Conventional banner-type flags are easy to attach to each flagpole. The flags are attached prior to the insertion of the flagpole into its position in the base. Depending on the size of each flag and the number of poles, the branded area varies between 10m2 and a massive 20m2.The Flag Fountain is attention-grabbing as the slightest breeze creates movement. It is easy to transport in the back seat of most passenger cars, and can be set up and dismantled in a matter of minutes. Each pole breaks down in the same way that tent poles collapse and fold. The entire package weighs only 18kgs. The units can be used both indoors and on grassy outdoor areas. The Flag Fountain is ideal for exhibitions, store openings, conferences, golf days, shopping-mall promotions, road-side displays, etc.

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The Pop Up

A pair of highly portable, instantly-erectable and -collapsible, lightweight, 2m x 900mm oval-shaped pop open panel kits is supplied in a dual bag. The bag can accommodate more panels should these be required.
The major advantages of these panels are:

  • The size of Pop-up relative to weight. The panels in a bag weigh 2kg
  • The low cost of advertising per square meter
  • They are easily folded away
  • Their compactness when folded up enables a number of units to be transported in the boot of a small car
  • They are robust and good-looking
  • A unique anchoring system enables the panels to be set up in areas where conventional pegs cannot be used. For example, on sandy beaches, paved or tarred areas, and indoors
  • The ability to change faces and re-use the kits
  • Any signage company can make them
  • The polyester fabric can be digitally printed using any make of wide-bed digital printer using solvent based inks

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Pull Up / Roll Up Banners

This spring-loaded Roll-Up Banner unit is compact, robust, lightweight and stable.
Prints are easy to install and exchange.

  • Print size: 850 x 2200mm.
  • Supplied in a soft carry-bag.
  • Good quality at a low price.


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Telescopic Flag Kits

The burnished-aluminium Telescopic Flag kits are available in 2,8m and 4,2m kits. Each kit comprises either three or four poles including the top bent section.
They are aesthetically the best units on the market, being highly buffed and shiny. Thicker-walled than other units, the sections are joined together with bungee cord to prevent loss of components.
The whole system is packaged in a strong carry-bag.
Options of replacing the peg with adapted water-filled umbrella stands and cross-leg bases for internal use are offered.


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Multi Function Pole


  • High Visibility
  • Versatile
  • Portable
  • Indoor Stands
  • Umbrella Stand
  • Outdoor Pegs

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